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Mara Hollander

I'm a Georgetown University alum working at a market research firm in DC. I have a background in research, political polling and campaigns, healthcare politics and policy, and gender and sexuality issues. I write about sex and gender because I believe you should be able to make decisions free from predetermination by these somewhat arbitrary distinctions - and I welcome and enjoy considerate debate about whether or not they should matter!
Mara's Recent Stories

It's Not Selfish to Not Want Kids

Women are suddenly taking advantage of "the choice to be childless." While some fear the social changes this might cause, the worst reaction would be to take that choice away.

Whatever Happened to Jane Roe?

Jane Roe was a pregnant 21-year-old who wanted a legal abortion in Texas. Norma McCorvey, who adopted that famous pseudonym in 1969, is today nothing like Jane Roe.