PS4 Released: New Playstation Will Be a "Significant Shift" in Gaming

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment and the head of Playstation, introduced the Playstation 4 at a Sony event on Wednesday night.

"We believe that PlayStation 4 represents a significant shift from thinking of PlayStation as merely a box or console," House said.

"PlayStation 4 will unleash imaginations... while also allowing developers to explore new business models." He's talking about episodic gameplay, even free to play games.

"We must give gamers the kind of multi-dimensional experiences they not only expect, but quite frankly deserve."

Welcome to the next evolution of gaming.

Here are some specs regarding the new PS4: 

1. A New Controller: According to Edge, The PS4 is has a new controller, complete with touchpad. It should be about the same size as the current DualShock PlayStation controller.

2. It Will Have a "Share" Button: The idea is to seamlessly share screenshots during gameplay ... the PS4 will weave social media with gaming ... an evolution of social gaming.

3. Released in Time to Compete With Xbox: The idea is to go head to head against Microsoft's Xbox at the end of the year, during the holiday season.

4. Specs: A customized chip based on AMD's A8-3850 with a quad-core 2.9GHz processor and a 1GHz graphics card with 1GB of dedicated memory.

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