PS4 Orbis DualShock 4 Controller Will Have a Touch Pad and FB Share Button

A number of Playstation 4 rumors have circulated ahead of Sony's Wednesday event, in which the successor to the 5-year-old PS3 will likely be announced. Sony has been extremely tight-lipped about the new console, reportedly codenamed "Orbis." Sony made the announcement about tonight's media event with a brief invitation to journalists on Jan. 31, inviting them to "see the future."

There's a touchpad up top in the middle, a "share" button and a headphone jack, and a "light bar" as a "simpler, more friendly way to identify players," says Tim Stevens, a lead developer for the controller.

There will be a new controller, though, and it seems to rethink the standard video game console controller (Remember when Nintendo came out with that three-horned N64 controller and everyone freaked out? The same will likely happen with the "Orbis"). The PS4 is reported to have a new controller, complete with touchpad. It should be about the same size as the current DualShock PlayStation controller. It will also have a share button, ecause…social. But, seriously, this is sort of cool. The idea is to seamlessly share screenshots during gameplay.

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