Winter Storm Nemo 2013: Threat Level Rises, Blizzard Warning for All of NYC

Winter Storm Nemo has yet to touch down, but it could wreak havoc on New York City and New Jersey. The National Weather Center issued the following weather advisory for New York City residents. 

Statement as of 5:01 PM EST on February 07, 2013

Winter storm warnings/blizzard warnings have been posted for
southeast New York... northeast New Jersey... and southern
Connecticut. A major winter storm will impact the region Friday
into Saturday.

Stay tuned to NOAA all hazards weather radio... your local
media... or visit our web site at... weather.Gov/NYC for latest

Before the storm strikes... be prepared.

At home or work the following items should to be available... 

   * flashlights and extra batteries.

   * Canned food and a manual opener... bottled water and essential

   * A first aid kit.

   * Sufficient heating fuel.

   * A working fire extinguisher and smoke alarm.

   * Salt and sand.

   * A battery powered radio.

If there is no power and heat... 

   * close off unneeded rooms.

   * Stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors.

   * Cover windows at night.

   * Eat food and drink fluids to provide energy and prevent

   * Wear layers of loose-fitted... light-weight... warm clothing.

Make sure your pets have plenty of food... water and shelter.

Make sure your vehicle is fully checked and winterized with a full
tank of gas. Carry a winter storm survival kit including
blankets/sleeping bags... extra change of clothes... fully charged
cell phone... a flashlight with extra batteries... non-perishable
food... a windshield scraper... Road flares... jump cables... a water
container... a shovel and a map.

If you become stranded in your vehicle... ensure the tail pipe is
clear... then stay inside... run the engine 10 minutes each hour for
heat... keep your window open to avoid Carbon monoxide
poisoning... and from time to time exercise body parts to keep
blood circulating and to keep warm. Tie a colored cloth to your
vehicle and turn on the dome light at night when running the
engine. Raise the Hood after the snow stops falling.

If caught outside... try to stay dry and cover exposed body parts
and wear lots of layers of clothing.

For additional information on preparing for winter storms... please
visit... weather.Gov/NYC/winterweather.Html

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