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Golden Globes 2013 LIVE: Winners, Nominees, and Full Pre Show Updates

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Golden Globes - Best Picture: "Argo"

I was hoping for Django, but I can't disagree. Argo was a great movie with a great story and an amazing tale of the real world that's just unbelievable enough to turn into this film. If the Oscars go the same way, I wouldn't cry.

Hope you guys had a great night! Thanks for reading!

Golden Globes - Best Picture - Comedy or Musical: "Les Miserables"

As much as I respect Les Miserables, a best picture ought to work as a movie. Victor Hugo wasn't constrained by the movie-going experience. But today, the movie shouldn't be an homage to a previous work. I'm glad Les Miserables stuck so well to the existing material, but two and half hours later, I realized why this movie shouldn't have been made. It just wasn't a movie. It was great scenes organized into not that great a movie. Because the original story wasn't meant to be told like this. I would've liked to see Moonrise Kingdom go home with this award.

Golden Globes - Best Actor in a Movie - Comedy or Musical - Hugh Jackman

If Wolverine admits his wife is always right, what hope do the rest of us husbands have to win an argument?

Golden Globes - Best TV Comedy Series - Girls

I'm trying not to be bitter, but shouldn't the best comedy be funny? 

Episodes and Modern Family are more relatable, believable, and funnier. And they're both smarter shows. 

I guess this show has been selected by the gods of Hollywood and somehow can now do no wrong. And someone needs to explain it to me.

I haven't laughed as hard as I do at Modern Family or Episodes since the Simpsons in its heyday. For them both to get overlooked for Girls... Just makes me question the whole night.

- Pete

Golden Globes - Best Director - Ben Affleck

There are so many reasons I'm grateful Ben Affleck didn't marry Jennifer Lopez, this win being one of them. - Alie

Golden Globes - Best Actress in A Comedy Series - Lena Dunham

Judging by the piece of paper we just got a glimpse of, she'll be winning longest speech too. 

Golden Globes - Best Animated Feature Film - Brave

I guess we'll just start calling this "The Pixar Award."

Golden Globe - Best Actress TV Series - Claire Danes

I wasn't gonna comment on fashion or hair, but Claire Danes looks pretty amazing.

Golden Globes 2013 - Best Foreign Language Film - Amour

I've waited my whole life to see Schwarzenegger fight Stallone, and I think that was all I'm gonna get.

Golden Globes - Lucy Liu

Is Lucy Liu wearing a dress made of wallpaper? - Alie


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Golden Globes 2013 LIVE: Winners, Nominees, and Full Pre Show Updates

On Sunday night the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards will be aired live on NBC at 8 p.m. EST. Hosted by comedy favorites Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, the annual event is sure to be fodder for lots of online discussion and Oscar predictions to boot. 

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