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How PolicyMic Works

Our Mission

PolicyMic helps our generation understand what’s happening in the world, why it matters, and how it impacts them. Our writers cover the topics that matter most to young people, offering original news, analysis and perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Approach

Tired of big media conglomerates focused on our parents and grandparents? Us, too. That’s why we are guided organically by how our generation consumes news and analysis: in style, format and conversation. We write original stories covering everything from world events and politics to music and technology.

Our Promise

Traditional media has failed to engage, inform, and inspire us. We want to be part of the solution. PolicyMic challenges our readers with counternarratives and a diversity of perspectives that aren’t typically showcased at other outlets. With millions of readers from our generation, we feature excellent writers who are also from our generation. Always.

The Mic System

We want to hear from you! We are all about smart debate. New users can sign up for accounts, comment on articles, and vote for the sharpest ideas on the site. Users rack up rewards and influence as they earn more mics.

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Who Can Write

We love smart, passionate experts who can provide fresh, new perspectives. We balance a mix of rising journalism stars and inspiring new voices to maximize the diversity of our platform. We offer a range of exciting opportunities, including paid columnist positions.

How to Apply

Apply to Caira Conner - caira@policymic.com. Include your Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, resume, a writing sample, a pitch story, and the section you want to join.

Media Relations

For press inquiries, media opportunities, or speaking requests, please contact James Allen by emailing james [at] policymic [dot] com

What People are Saying

Our Team

Our Investors

Lightspeed Venture Partners Lerer Ventures
Knight Foundation Digital News Ventures
Knight Foundation Digital News Ventures

Our Culture

Our team is driven by the core belief that media can do more to empower our generation. We’re a passionate group of editors, techies, and product minds who are united in our commitment to disrupting the media as we know it.


We are engaging, informing, and inspiring our generation, and we are looking for passionate, hard-working people to join us.

Front End Developer

Our dev team is small, selective, practices Agile/Lean, and builds products on node.js, ember and backbone.
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Web Application Developer

Our stack and internal RESTful Api are powered by node.js, ember and backbone alongside cutting edge deployment and testing frameworks.
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Lead Politics Editor

Do you get excited about leveraging social platforms to help produce news on national politics that reach a huge audience?
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We are growing fast and want ambitious, talented, and creative people to join us.
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